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allergen information

1.celery 2.cereals containing gluten 3.crustaceans 4.eggs 7.milk 8.molluscs 9.mustard 10.nuts 11.peanuts 12.sesame seeds 13.soya 14.sulphur dioxide

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cheesy chips(7)£2.80£3.60

cheesy chips & beans(7)£3.20£4.10

battered cod - standard(5)£4.00£6.70

battered cod - large(5)£5.30£8.00

battered cod - small(5)£2.70£5.40

battered haddock - standard(5)£4.00£6.70

battered haddock - large(5)£5.30£8.00


wholetail scampi - 10 pieces(2,3,5)£3.60£6.30

battered cod roe(5)£2.30£5.00


butterfly king prawns & dip(2,3,5,13)£5.60£8.30

panko coated calamari & dip(1,2,4,5,7,8,9)£4.60£7.30

platter for twocheese & onion fry it, onion rings, scampi, calamari, chicken nuggets & butterfly king prawns, served with a choice of 3 dips£11.00£13.70

sausage - plain small(13)£1.30£4.00

sausage - plain large(13)£1.60£4.30

sausage - battered small(13)£1.30£4.00

sausage - battered large(13)£1.60£4.30

burger in a seeded bun - 2oz(1,2,12,13)£2.40£5.10

burger in a seeded bun - 4oz(1,2,12,13)£3.10£5.80

burger in a seeded bun - 1/2lb(1,2,12,13)£4.10£6.80

burger in a seeded bun with cheese - 2oz(1,2,4,12,13)£2.70£5.40

burger in a seeded bun with cheese - 4oz(1,2,4,12,13)£3.40£6.10

burger in a seeded bun with cheese - 1/2lb(1,2,4,12,13)£4.40£7.10

battered burger(1,13)£2.30£5.00

spam fritter(7)£2.30£5.00

chicken burger in a seeded bun(1,2,12)£3.10£5.80

spicy chicken burger in a seeded bun(2,4,12)£3.10£5.80

chicken nuggets - 5 pieces(1,2,13)£2.00£4.70

chicken nuggets - 8 pieces(1,2,13)£2.50£5.20

quarter chicken - leg£3.10£5.80

quarter chicken - breast£3.20£5.90

veggie burger in a seeded bun(2,4,7,12)£2.90£5.60

homemade battered pea fritter£2.30£5.00

battered halloumi£2.40£5.10

homemade cheese & onion fry it(1,2,4,7,9)£2.60£5.30

pukka cheese & onion pasty(2,7)£2.90£5.60

battered onion rings£2.30
pickled onion£0.60
pickled gherkin(9)£0.60
pickled egg(4)£0.80
bread roll(2)£0.80
chicken & mushroom pie(1,2,7,13)£2.90£5.60

minced beef & onion pie(1,2,7,13)£2.90£5.60

steak & kidney pie(1,2,7,13)£2.90£5.60

jacket potato - plain£3.20
jacket potato - cheese(7)£4.00
jacket potato - beans£4.00
jacket potato - cheese & beans(7)£4.60
jacket potato - tuna & mayo(5,9)£4.60
vegan nuggets - 5 pieces(1,2,13)£2.00£4.70

vegan nuggets - 8 pieces(1,2,13)£2.50£5.20

vegan sausage(13)£1.30£4.00

spicy potato & cauliflower pie(1,2,13)£2.90£5.60

vegan burger(1,2,12,13)£3.00£5.70

kids mealincludes small chips, fruit shoot & activity pack (2,5) for fish fingers & cod bites£3.60

mushy peas£1.40
fruity curry sauce(1,2,7,9,13)£1.40
spicy curry sauce(1,2,9)£1.40
heinz baked beans£1.40
sauces & dips(4,9) for tartare, mayo, chilli mayo & garlic mayo (1,2,13) for brown, ketchup & bbq£0.30£1.20